Open Show 2024 tuomarin esittely

My name is Ben Regeer, owner of Slamdunk Kennel in Middelharnis (NL), where I live with my wife Mireille, one Amstaf, two Staffords and a Border Terrier. In 1991 I saw my first Am Staf at a dog show in The Hague. Later this turned out to be Ch. Sindelar’s ​​Buster Benson (import USA) owned by the Slotboom brothers. What I can still remember is the contradictory impression this dog gave me. A tough, sporty and impressive male who later came to cuddle on my lap for half an hour. Now 33 years later, this first impression still describes exactly why I still love this breed.

Currently I own one Am Staf called Styx aka Multi & Int Ch. Achiles Ruffian Joannidis. Other Am Stafs that lived in my home over the years are Avalon from the Klondike Diggers, Ch. Rounder’s Cheerleader, Ch. Cedar’s Ride On, Sindelar’s Spoonfull to Angies, Rounder’s Quarterback & Ch. Copperpenny's Back to Angies.
In 2006 I bred my first and till this date only litter with Cedar's Ride On (import USA). As a stud I used Bono van de Fallis. Both beautiful, healthy and above all sound and typical dogs with a good movement and the right temperament. I am proud that two bitches of this litter formed the basis for King Spirit kennel of M. de Koning (NL) and kennel Villa Vappulan of Laura Harva (FI). Both kennels are still active in breeding and at dogshows. The most successful Am Staf bred by me is Multi & Int Ch. Slamdunk Phoenix Mercury. This female was exported to Finland and has been very active in dogshows from junior to a late veteran age. Her title World Clubwinner 2012 at the World Clubshow won under breedspecialist Manuel Torres (ES) is engraved in my memory as if it was yesterday.
To be honoust I do not see myself as a breeder, more as an Am Staf passionist, owner and handler. Since Mireille and I got together, I finally found myself a doggirl ;-), and you know where that can go, haha. Currently we share the passion of handling dogs and travel all over Europe. Mostly bull type terriers, but we love all dogs! Best thing about this is you get to meet so many wonderfull people. I am proud to say that through our doghobby we met some of our best friends
My first judging experience dates back to 2013 when I was invited to be one of the judges at the STCA’s Moonlight World Challenge. It was a great honour the STCA invited me and it felt really good to get my hands over all those beautifull Amstafs, most of them ranked in the breeds top 20 of that year. As for judging your Open Show this year, I can honoustly tell you I feel honoured and proud that I was invited by your club again this year. I was supposed to come in 2021 but due to Covid-19, I was not allowed to travel.  The Finish Am Staf Club has a long lasting reputation and the Finnish Am Staf scene is known for being very active. I can not wait to meet you all and see and feel your wonderfull dogs.
Friendly greetings,
Ben Regeer